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ShipMRO - Your own cross-border industrial MRO products on consignment and buying and selling execution services integrator

ShipMRO - Sync with your purchase and sales orders, allowing you to focus more on sales, procurement and maintenance services and other core businesses, enhance your the core competitiveness.

ShipMRO - Provide you with one-stop services of trade, customs clearance, warehousing, transportation and other integrated logistics and supply chain services traded among cross-border industrial MRO products, and help you develop a global market.

ShipMRO - Providing trade facilitation services platform, it can provide one-stop purchase agent, logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, and distribution services to multinational corporate.

MRO (Indirect Materials) Features

• MRO wide variety of materials, but the demand for each species rarely
• Demand is unpredictable and difficult to forecast and prepare appropriate inventory
• Corporate procurement officers often have to rely on dozens or even hundreds thousands of vendors to provide a variety of non-production material supplies
• Price is usually not the primary factor to be considered, time is the first priority.
• MRO procurement costs share in a larger proportion of the hidden costs.
• Low volume, high mix, the average value is low.
• Suppliers are small, less variety, not standardized
• Difficult to understand the technical specifications of purchased goods sector demand
• Lack of demand forecasting and management of both supply and demand for goods
• Quality requirements and acceptance criteria deviations between sellers and buyers
• Low degree of attention.
• Procurement process is not standardized.

MRO Cross-border Trade Challenges
• Organization Hierarchy: A wide variety of MRO materials are supplied by many suppliers, purchasing behavior is often scattered in different departments, and difficult to achieve the centralized management.

• Management Level: Lack of equipment MRO plans, low concern about the excavation of historical data to predict demand, leading to uncertain lead times and unreasonable inventory;

• Information System: MRO procurement management is rarely included in the ERP system. Procurement operations are base on the traditional paperwork, a lot of time and effort is consumed by lack of effective management of MRO procurement, resulting in low efficiency and accuracy;

• Procurement Cost: Corporate is lack of scientific awareness of procurement costs and risks, focusing only on price, quality, payment and delivery and other general business conditions; Corporate rarely classifies MRO materials according to different demand and characteristics, resulting in MRO data obsolete and lag which can not be punctually updated and effectively managed;

• Procurement Channel: Cross-border purchase is heavily rely on multiple local purchasing brokers, resulting in the uncertainty of purchase cost and risk, and the effective protection of timely and accurate supply and the necessary technical support;

• Professional Expertise: The configuration settings of purchasing departments and personnel are facing problems, MRO procurement staffs are lack of adequate expertise in materials, often need assistance from the relevant departments in order to determine the material specifications and so on. Inter-departmental communication is not smooth, leading to increased risk of error and potential procurement workload.

MRO Cross-border Trade Features

The transnational MRO procurement of domestic industrial company is facing more complex supply chain than that of the local procurement. Buyers and sellers are located in the different business environment; The procurement process is more difficult to control and manage; You have to deal with international logistics, customs clearance, cross-border payments, insurance and the transnational technical support, including:

• Supply Chain: Supply chain span wide, involving a number of international and domestic intermediary service providers of different functions;

• Business Environment: There are different business environment between domestics and overseas, such as services, transactions, laws and regulations, etc.;

• Information Symmetry: It is difficult to access the information of procurement process, resulting in excessive distortion of information;

• Clearance Procedures: The Customs regulatory procedures are necessary to go through. Delays in delivery results from incomplete import and export documents for Customs clearance or unpunctual handover;

• Cross-border Payments: Cross-border payments will involve numerous domestic and foreign denominated capital flow, the coordination of different currency settlement;

• Cost Control: As MRO materials of low value, unstable purchase price caused by quantity and transportation, and large number of suppliers, the fixed price is difficult to be negotiated;

• Technical Support: It is difficult to achieve accurate and timely transnational technical support.

The Advantages of Bonded Consignment

• Stable inbound lead-time (free permit and duty exemption)
• Privilege policy advantage (pre-approved, post-clearance) 
• Borrow in and out
• Bonded transfer and circulation
• Tax-free for warranty replacement
• RMB and foreign denominated currency trade

ShipMRO Service Model

Integrated: Providing international logistics of cross-border MRO trading integrated logistics and supply chain services between buyers and sellers, including consignment, trade, customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, and finance.
Low: RMB 2000 / per order, all-in-one for order fulfillment service includes port or airport pick-up, 7*24 call center & order fulfillment, Customs & CIQ declaration & clearance brokerage, inbound & outbound, and warehousing management.
Expedited: Guarantee lead-time of PO fulfillment within 72 hours for drop shipment and immediate delivery against payment in 24 hours for consignment inventory. 

ShipMRO Services Features

• Legal compliance 
• Cost controllable
• Provide end-to-end one-stop service, reduce intermediate links, and thereby cut total cost of ownership
• Free management online tools for BOM, list of suppliers & purchasers and inventory
• 7*24 call center and online order placement
• Electronic payment
• Visualization of real-time order tracking